Latis is proud to import FRAMBOISE BOON (raspberry lambic), KRIEK BOON (cherry lambic) and OUDE GEUZE BOON (traditional bottle-conditioned lambic). The brews will be sold in bottles and on draught.

Frank Boon is a true artisan brewer and it shows in his lambics. BOON’s beers are all 100% lambic based, no sugars, syrups, or concentrate fruit juice added. His fruit beers are top quality fresh fruit and the air in Lembeek makes his lambics unique. BOON’s beers are capped with champagne corks.

History of BOON

Boon Beer Logo

In 1978 Frank Boon acquired the small “R. De Vits” Lambiek brewery that dates back to 1680. He relocated the entire brewery in 1986 to the center of Lembeek, the former “free city” between the Duchies of Brabant and Hainaut, where no taxes were levied on beer manufacturing. The legal definition of lambic stipulated that it must be 100% spontaneous fermentation, however that was amended in 1993. Boon, together with three other lambic brewers ranging in size from small to large, waged a 10-year battle to gain protection of traditional lambics and in 1997 they succeeded – the European protection of gueuze (lambic) “GTS” was passed, protecting traditional methods of brewing the beer. Under this protection word “oude” meaning, “old style,” is reserved strictly for 100% spontaneous fermented geuze.

BOON joined forces with Jan Toye and his PALM Breweries in 1989 so that he could preserve his brewery and continue the tradition of lambic brewing. Toye, known for his philanthropy and interest in preserving Belgian traditions, took on BOON as a “cultural project” and the brewery has had the freedom to brew its 100% spontaneously fermented lambics ever since.


In 2005 KRIEK BOON won a gold medal at the prestigious MONDE SELECTION in Brussels

Made from old and young Lembeek’s lambic beer and matured in oak vats

Real cherries are added to it – at least 25% or 250 grams per liter

KRIEK BOON is obtained via fruit “maceration.” This method is known from the wine culture and demands that the fruit is added whole to ferment together with the beer.

KRIEK BOON is a fresh, sour-sweet, nicely foaming red colored beer with an authentic taste of cherries.


In 1995 FRAMBOISE BOON won the “Beer of the Year” award from Malt Advocate
FRAMBOISE BOON won the prestigious “Superlative” prize from the U.S. Beverage Testing Institute with an almost perfect score of 98
Made from old and young Lembeek’s lambic beer matured in oak vats
At least 250 grams of fresh raspberries are added per each liter of beer
FRAMBOISE BOON is a dry, fruity complex beer with aromas of vanilla and wood. The authentic taste of raspberries produces a crisp, but delicate, acidity.


OUDE GEUZE is a mixture of 100% old lambic with a secondary fermentation (since 1835 this second fermentation is in the bottle).