Theakston Breweries

Legendary Theakston Breweries of Masham in
North Yorkshire, UK.

Theakston Brewery Logo
The Theakston Brewery was established in 1827 by Robert Theakston. After about 180 years the Theakston range of classic and seasonal ales have developed into the legends that they are today and the name has become synonymous with award winning creamy ales and in particular, the legendary Old Peculier.

The brewery has seen numerous changes during that time including ownership battles and development of many of the traditions still in existence today. The Old Peculier is one of the most loved Yorkshire Ales. Its emblem, the Official Seal of the Old Peculier is as unique as the ale’s taste.

Please enjoy learning about Old Peculier and XB, two Theakston brands that Latis Imports brings to the Unites States and please enjoy responsibly!