RODENBACH Brewery Releases Limited Edition Alexander Beer In The United States

First reincarnation of legendary brew since 1999/2000 and the first release in a series of limited edition 2016 sour offerings. Read More

Esquire Magazine covers the release of RODENBACH Alexander

Read more about what makes Alexander so special for lovers of unique beers. Founder Reviews Rodenbach Vintage Grand Cru

This is one of the very few beers that I flat out demand that every seasoned beer fan experience. If you see it, get it. The Rodenbach Grand Cru is amazing enough as it is, but a vintage version carries it to another level. I wish I could recommend this beer to novices, but it’s [...]

The Taste of Belgium Presents Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches with PALM and Rodenbach

In this FOX19 Cincinnati news clip, The Taste of Belgium chef presents the chicken and waffle sandwich for a Bengals tailgate party, accompanied with PALM and Rodenbach. See the full video below:

Palm Brings Belgium’s Brewing Roots to the International Stage

In recent years, Palm has struck out to create new markets for itself in the Netherlands, the United States, Italy, the UK and France. What did it find? Thirsty people begging for more. Read the full article on the history of PALM Breweries and their expansion into growing markets.  

Boon Geuze used in London Grill’s Beer Cocktail

Cristina Tessaro, London Grill’s Bar Manager and resident mixologist, walks us through their Sour Flower Power beer cocktail which uses Boon Geuze as the main ingredient.    

Palm Breweries Harvests Estate-Grown Hallertau Hops

Palm Brewery’s first-ever harvest of estate-grown Hallertau hops took place this past week. These hops, planted last year on the brewery property, will be used to create the first brew of Palm Hopper, a hoppier version of the Palm Speciale Belge brand. “Hopper is the same exact recipe as Palm Speciale Belge, using the same [...]

Spotlight on PALM Breweries and Owner Jan Toye’s Artistic Vision

“Art is the most individual expression of the most individual emotion,” philosophises Jan Toye. No, the inspiration for this discourse on the nature of art was not a beautiful painting, a stunning aria, an elegant piece of modern dance. It was beer. But at Palm Breweries, where Toye is managing director, beer and art are [...]

Steenbrugge Abbey Tripel Wins Best of Show at the 2012 WaZoo Beer Fest

Latis Imports’ Steenbrugge Abbey Tripel has won Best of Show and is the winning Belgian Ale at the 2012 WaZoo Beer Fest in Tampa. A panel of judges conducted a blind tasting of over 225 beers, ciders and malt beverages. Judges were only made aware of the styles of beer they were sampling, not the [...]

Rodenbach Review in the Guide to Sour Beer for Wine Lovers

A review of The Rodenbach Original is a good place to start. The finished product is a combination of ale aged for 2 years in barrels (25 percent) and “young” ale, or freshly brewed ale (75 percent). The tartness and even a bit of vinegar start right in the aroma. The flavor combines cherry, raisin [...]